Nany Knows

Nany KnowsThis is Nany.  Nany is my 85-year-old grandmother.  In my eyes, she knows just about all there is to know about everything.  She has a solution, advice, a thought that will turn any bad moment into a great one.  She can answer just about any question I throw at her about housekeeping, gardening, cooking and baking.  I believe Nany knows.  There is no greater pie, lemonade, slippery pot pie, roast beef, macaroni salad, angel food cake, stuffed chicken, grilled cheese, fried egg, or pancake maker in the land.  I know.  I decided to create a Nany Knows section on the site that features the knowledge she has given me throughout our lives together.  This picture of Nany in the garden is taken in the backyard of the house she still lives in.  She and my grandfather set up housekeeping there shortly after they were married.  My grandfather’s mother and father lived in the house before them.  Anyway, when you see this picture on the site, you will know that the recipe, advice, knowledge, or wisdom is from Nany.  Because she knows.

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