Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day, a day to celebrate the great dads in the world.  I want to salute one of the great fathers I have been lucky enough to know–my brother Garnet.

As many of you know, Garnet is Daddy to one son, William.  I remember when Garnet called to tell me he was going to be a father.  I was in Vegas with my guy and his family.  I was driving down Las Vegas Blvd. and saw the phone light up.  Garnet rarely calls and he knew I was away that weekend so I knew it was important.  I broke the law and answered the phone while driving.  I won’t ever forget the excitement with a small dose of anxiety in his voice when he said he was going to be a dad.  He was proud, I cried and I almost crashed that car.  Kidding but I don’t really remember driving through the intersection to the hotel.

Young William came to us a bit sooner than the doctors would have liked.  I was fortunate to be on the east coast traveling when he came.  When the nurses were told I was in from LA for just one day, they sneaked me into the NICU to hold him.  I looked up through the window and Garnet was beaming.  He was a Dad.  He was nervous as anything about this teeny little human that was now his responsibility but I never saw his feet touch the floor that day.

Hard to believe that five years have passed and that little baby is now a young boy.  Garnet has ushered him through many life lessons in those five quick years, including ones I am sure Will wished he didn’t have to learn.  I think the greatest lesson Garnet has given him is the lesson of ignorance while Daddy was fighting to live through his brain cancer diagnosis.  He and Trish never told Will what was truly going on, just that daddy had to go to see the doctor.  I will never forget the walk through the NIH hallway with William asking G about this and that inside the hospital.  Garnet, less than 24 hours post brain surgery, never missed a beat teaching him about the nurses station and all the rooms. When Garnet came home post surgery, Will could see daddy’s boo-boo but never thought twice about it and moved on to playing.

Garnet never stopped playing with Will.  He never stopped teaching him through actions and discipline.  They never stopped creating great memories and good times. He never stopped doing what he intended when Will was born–to raise a child through love, laughs and lessons, ready to face the world.  He never stopped being Daddy.  I know there will be a day when Will will know the truth and it is my hope that he will appreciate this great gift.

Happy Father’s Day!


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