Cherry Socks

Over there on the right hand side of this page is a list of sites I love.  Go ahead and look, I will wait for you…

Find it?  It’s a short list of sites I am confident in sharing with you as I know you will have great satisfaction with the content.  Today, after many months of silence, I am back to my site for a myriad of reasons but the first one is to share with you the Cherry Socks site.  It’s written by a very creative, uplifting and thoughtful woman.  She is able to find meaning in many of life’s worst moments.  I find her posts cheering, funny and always inspiring.  She has given me many tips on how to better my home, my life and my waistline.  She also happens to be my sister (in-law but who cares about the fine print?).

Just as you check in with me daily, I hope you will add her to your list of sites to visit.


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