Beef Noodle Casserole

Even though we stopped exchanging gifts a few years ago, I was surprised to have a few ‘stocking stuffers’ from my guy this year.  Many stocking stuffers are nail polish, lip gloss or the like.  All great treats in their own right.  But mine were custom tailored to the things I love.  I got this which is now sitting on my nightstand.  Yes, I am a 10 year old boy at times. I also got a lovely collection of vintage Pennsylvania cookbooks.  I was overjoyed when I was reading them because of all the unusual recipes and what many will feel are old-fashioned methods of cooking and baking.

As I hunted for my first recipe to try, I found myself entranced by the Favorite Recipes of Pennsylvania Meats.  It appears to be a fundraising tool but does not say from whom it was purchased.  The publishing date is MCMLXV or 1966.  I thought I would begin with something simple and not too unusual like jellied veal loaf.

I chose this simple ground beef noodle casserole.  It’s a great dish that can be quickly prepared on a school night.  The leftovers also reheat quite nicely.


1 med. onion, chopped
1 lb. ground beef
1 8-oz. package noodles (I used egg noodles)
1 Tbsp. salt
1 can tomato soup
1 sm. can mushrooms (I had fresh and chopped 6)
1/2 lb. American cheese, grated (I used cheddar and mozzarella)

Preheat oven to 350.  Brown onion in butter; add beef and brown.  Cook noodles in 3 quarts salted water until tender.  Drain; rinse in hot water.  Add to meat.  Add remaining ingredients except cheese.  Mix and place in greased casserole.  Top with cheese.  Bake for 30 minutes. 

Mrs. Bert Wynn, of Rebersburg, PA contributed this recipe.  You can add other vegetables like black olives, broccoli, zucchini and many others.  If you have a large family, I suggest doubling the recipe so you are certain to have some leftovers.  This is one of those dishes that tastes even better after an overnight refrigerator session.  My guy gives the best gifts.  Enjoy!


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